Your Brand in the Inbox: Elements of Stylish Email Marketing


An understanding of email marketing's best practices can help you craft more effective campaigns for clients, refine your in-house strategy or promote your own services the right way. With plenty of creative examples and statistics, you'll learn how to build a quality list, create expert campaigns and make the most of the response results.

Dangerous Curves: How to Master Logotype Design

Doyald Young

From the first tentative scribbles, to the final presentation comp, Doyald will show and discuss his process for creating new type using examples from his latest book, Dangerous Curves. Doyald will also talk a bit about FontLab, and show the native files of his fonts Young Finesse and Home Run. This is a Saturday-only Thinkshop, so be sure to register soon–this will fill up quickly.

Form Follows Culture: Cross-Cultural Branding

Bennett Peji, George Lim (SEGD), Zelda Harrison, Suzanne Ito, Noe Barragan Moreno

A brand identity system must be so much more than words and images. It must tell a story that honors the heritage of a place and engages the present while embracing the future, so that it can become an intrinsic part of the community's culture and identity. Bennett Peji leads a presentation of projects that reveal distinctive cross-cultural approaches to branding.

Growing Your Business in a Down Economy

Shel Perkins

Join Shel as he gives you the tools your business needs in a struggling economy. You'll learn how having a tight business plan, good day-to-day operation procedures, proper business ethics, among other good business practices, can help you grow and prosper when things get tough.

Wearable Art: Silk Screen Printing

Amy Levine

Time to have a blast creating pieces of personal expression! You have the opportunity to learn how the silk screening process works. Then get ready to take action and screen print a shirt yourself. Learn from the pros and have some creative fun.

How to Brew Beer: The Chemical Designing Process

Kevin Singer

While learning how to brew beer, become inspired to utilize your creativity both in your personal and professional lives. Kevin will discuss the connections between the beer brewing process and the chemical processing industry's approach to design for energy efficiency. You will experience the beer brewing process and also become more aware of how to integrate energy efficiency into everyday life. Be green – brew beer!

Bringing Interactivity to Life in Physical Space

Nikolai Cornell

This Thinkshop will take a look at the creative world of physical interaction design through technology and imagination. Nikolai will give some personal insights into emerging technologies and how they can be combined with immersive media to create truly unique interactive experiences.

Yoga for the Creative Person

Petrula Vrontikis

Petrula will take you through breathing exercises, basic poses, meditation exercises and (maybe) even a little chanting. You will learn ways to reduce your stress and increase your creativity. Bring an open mind and heart to this enlightening Thinkshop. Attendees will want to be sure to wear comfortable, non-binding clothing (no skirts, girls). You will be practicing in bare feet.

Lovin' Your Design Job

Steven Morris

Is your job fulfilling you? Or is it draining you? This interactive Thinkshop provides a step-by-step game plan for examining your work environment and giving you tools to stride toward greater job fulfillment…even if you can't replace your boss! Steven Morris, founder of Morris! Communication has been running his successful firm for 15 years and lovin' his job (mostly) for more than 20 years. He'll offer insight about overall job satisfaction in the design industry and perspective about what job satisfaction can mean. He will address issues with workplace culture, compensation and creative satisfaction. This Thinkshop session will include a little listening, a lot of hands on participation, a dash of humor and some tools to create a rockin' work world.

The Technology of Creativity

TCM Consulting

While we all have amazing ideas for our clients, we need the right technology to bring our creations to life. The Macintosh experts from TCM Consulting will be discussing the various technologies we need to do our best work. Both single-user and networked environments will be covered. Topics will include: which computers are the best for the task (Mac and PC); storage solutions and strategies for primary storage, backups and archives; software solutions for graphic design; and the ever-so-popular: font management. A Q&A session will follow the presentation.

Energy (n) [en-er-jee] A source of dynamic inspiration for design.