For All General Inquiries, email:

Ken Miracle

Y Conference Co-Chair |

When he's not trying to get home in time to grill some fish for Terri and Cleo, Ken enjoys driving the bus for the band of merry (design) pranksters that collaborate with him at Miracle Brand.

Scott Robinson

Y Conference Co-Chair |

Scott is President of FreshForm Interactive and has spent the last 11 years creating user experiences. He is equal parts design nerd and code monkey... but, never call him a "programmer".

Jessica Absher

Volunteer Coordinator and Party Committee

Born and raised in Southern California. I got my bachelors in graphic design from SDSU. I'm currently working in San Marcos as a graphic designer in the sprinkler business. Yup, sprinklers. Yay Hunter!

Russell Hampton

Communications Co-Chair |

Inspired by color, imagery, and all things design, Russell was thrilled to brand the Y-conference this year.  His interests include but not limited to: Bocce Ball, Cash Cab, air conditioning, Tony Gwynn's charisma, high fives, Pat Sajack, and heartburn commercials.  Russell has a mind like a steel trout.

Petra Ives

Speaker Liaison |

Loves, lives, and breaths design. Her design work combines wit and simplicity and reflects a positive energy. She likes to cross borders, considers herself an espresso connoisseur, can’t pronounce V and W right, and always counts the steps going up a staircase.

Kristen Lucci

Silent Auction Chair |

Kristen is a designer at Van Vechten Creative in San Diego and promotes design as an active board member of the AIGA San Diego Chapter. She has served on the Y Design Conference committee for the past three years and is this year’s Silent Auction Chair. Kristen says the Y Conference is very inspiring, full of surprises every year, and a great way to network with other design professionals locally and from around the country.

Monica Moon

Thinkshop Coordinator |

Monica Moon realized design was an integral part of her life while in kindergarten… those crayon doodles on the bedroom wall were fun and inspirational! Soon, her artistic arsenal expanded to include painting, poetry and photography. In recent years, she has indulged her creative appetite with the world of branding, marketing campaigns and website design.

Jason Nunez

Thinkshop Coordinator

Jason can’t get enough of: spastic post-punk guitar work, Bill Hicks and Mexican food. Jason’s peeves include: hot seat belt buckles in the summer, sleeping the day away and U2 fans.

Enrique Ortega

Party Planning Committee |

Born and raised in San Diego California. Enrique recently completed the graphic design program at San Diego City College. He currently resides in Pasadena, CA learning the way of the Samurai.

Glenn Van Houten

Communications Co-Chair |

No one lives forever, no one. But with advances in modern science and my high level income, it's not crazy to think I can live to be 245, maybe 300. Heck, I just read in the newspaper that they put a pig heart in some guy from Russia. He didn't live. It's just exciting that we're trying things like that.

Steph Walker

Bookstore Co-Coordinator |

Steph is a designer and artist whose main inspiration comes from science, math, nature, and simple machines. She enjoys working on a variety of conceptual design and illustration projects as well as creating her own zines and apparel. While figuring out puzzles of any kind is her pastime, she hopes someday to be part scientist and astronomer.

Energy (n) [en-er-jee] A source of dynamic inspiration for design.