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With roots in communication and new media design, Roshi Givechi currently serves as a design director at IDEO. Fascinated with exploring and redefining how people interact with objects, brands, space, services and each other, she particularly thrives on crafting the “right” stories in the “right” channels for the “right” audience. Having started a collective around storytelling that has nothing to do with campfire readings, she believes IDEO’s insight-based angle on communication design and narrative form can better serve clients by extending their offering at different junctures of their program—from the depiction of a strategic vision for internal use early on, down to the tangible expression of a branded experience intended for their customers out in the world.

She has led and collaborated on diverse projects for pharmaceuticals, mobile communications, retail environments, urban design, as well as Internet start-ups back in the day. She particularly enjoys problem solving, time-based media, and generally things that have cultural impact. She has taught cross-disciplinary experience design and the effective building of a design argument in classes at the California College of the Arts, speaks at design conferences and other academic institutions, and has coached clients on ways to innovate during earlier IDEO U Workshops. Her clients include AT&T Wireless, Bank of America, Forest City, the Gap, the Kauffman Foundation (18th & Vine), Nokia, NASA, Ritz-Carlton, Steelcase, as well as United Media (Dilbert’s Ultimate Dream Cubicle).

Before joining IDEO in 1998, Roshi art-directed children’s educational software, and designed news and entertainment-based web sites while at Microsoft, MSNBC, and RealNetworks.

Roshi holds an MFA degree in Graphic Design/New Media from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, a BS degree in Design from the University of California, Davis, and spent a year at Il Bisonte International School of Graphic Arts in Florence, Italy. She continues to dabble in classes at the Film Arts Foundation.

Energy (n) [en-er-jee] A source of dynamic inspiration for design.