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Design Moving Forward.

Design fundamentals and aesthetic principles are timeless. However, the many ways design is created and experienced today is evolving at a dizzying rate.

Design, now more than ever, is in tune with social purpose, global culture, and environmental impact. Design responds to screen size and advancing technologies. Design improves our abilities to collaborate and uncover breakthrough ideas. As designers, we strive to create smart, beautiful work while navigating these complex landscapes. Today we must adapt to a dynamic and an ever-changing industry.

Ask Yourself
How do you adapt workflow processes and technical know-how?
How do you navigate a dynamic landscape?
How do you meet an accelerating future?

Speakers like Michael Bierut, Julia Zeltser, Brian Gartside and Gail Anderson will share their ideas on how to thrive in an accelerating landscape. You'll do more than walk away inspired, you'll receive actionable techniques on how to innovate to make new, exciting things happen.

Join us for two days of community and collaboration with amazing speakers and hands-on Thinkshops, and plenty of opportunities to engage and mix it up with your fellow attendees.

Velocity. Design Moving Forward.

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